6-in-1 Home Therapy Tool

Rehab Roller is the Most Versatile At Home and On-the-Go Recovery Product for Every Athlete


"It's so much more than a foam roller. Having all these tools in 1 has leveled up my post-match recovery!"

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The Ultimate
6-in-1 Home Therapy Tool
Slant Board

Designed at the perfect angle for optimal calf and foot stretches as well as enhancing calf and ankle mobility.

EVA Foam Roller

Over 10 inches of premium quality medium to hard density EVA foam for all of your foam rolling needs. Roll your back, legs, arms and more!

Plantar Fascia Tool

Increases tension in the heel for stretching and strengthening. Helpful in the treatment of foot and plantar fascilitis pain.

Peanut Roller

Our patent pending design includes a spinal canal similar to a peanut roller that allows you to comfortably roll around bony landmarks.

Myofascial Releaser

Target hard to reach muscles with the tip of the Rehab Roller designed to mimic a physiotherapist's hand.

Hand & Finger Stretcher

Allows for a comfortable weighted stretch of the wrist, forearm, and hand to help prevent carpal tunnel*.

So Many Different Ways to
Use The Rehab Roller

  • 01
    Hip Flexor and Psoas Muscle
  • 02
    Fingers, Wrist and Forearm
  • 03
    Upper and Lower Back
  • 04
    Legs and Calf
  • 05
    Plantar Fascia
  • 06
    Trapezius Release
  • 07
    Shoulder Mobility

Top Benefits
Of Using The Rehab Roller

Reduce Tightness & Soreness in Muscles

When most people finish their workouts, their muscles feel like they got hit by a Komatsu tractor. They feel heavy and tight. Foam rolling works to release that stress and lengthen those muscles so that they feel refreshed. Another issue is that people get is what we call a ‘workout hangover’ the next day. This is similar to an alcohol hangover as you feel nothing but pain and regret. Thankfully, foam rollers after a workout will help prevent this, allowing you to have a successful workout the next day.

Prevent Injuries

Foam rolling helps prevent injuries associated with tightness and overuse, such asdelayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Tight muscles have an increased risk of injury as they are not flexible enough to sustain the wear and tear of a strenuous activity such as working out. Foam rolling helps your muscles to relax and recover faster.

Increase Flexibility

Muscle fascia are fibrous connective tissues that surround and penetrate our muscles. If a knot forms, it reduces your flexibility. Think of an elastic band that you have looped around itself 3 times. The band doesn’t have much flexibility and feels very tight. You may even have a knot form if you suck at following simple instructions. Fortunately, foam rolling is a form of myofascial release and regular foam rolling will help you stay limber.

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You ask?
We answer you!

How does Rehab Roller help range of motion and flexibility?
Using the Rehab Roller increases range of motion by toning down neurological activity upholding tightness in a muscle, or group of muscles, causing a pain relieving effect that allows the body to use a muscle properly. The Rehab Roller increases flexibility by releasing deep knots in the muscle tissues. It also helps to warm tissues up, making them more extensible. Together, this myofascial self massage therapy allows the body to move freely, which in turn, allows you to do the things you want to do with greater easy and less risk of injury.
How does Rehab Roller help with pain?
Pain is an undesirable sensory and perceptive experience from the brain. Your brain takes the sensory inputs that are delivered to it, consciously and subconsciously, and then it applies your life experiences for context to determine what the output will be. You can change the pain by changing and influencing the input by doing self-massage work, which is a sensory input, and also how the brain interprets this input by seeing how it makes you move better and feel better, which is the output. By using a Rehab Roller you can feel better and move better, as well as possibly change the way you interpret pain by conditioning yourself to tolerate short term aches way more!
Should I roll before or after exercise?
That depends on your goals! You can use it before exercise to help warm up and increase your mobility, and after exercise to reduce soreness and increase blood flow to the muscles that were just exercised. If you are using the RehabRoller as a warm-up tool: Shorter duration and quick moving rolling is best. You should focus on rolling for around 20-30 seconds of foam rolling per muscle group, but certainly less than 120-seconds per muscle group. This will simply get the blood flowing to the muscles that are about to be used, which has tremendous benefit to using the muscles without them cramping up. Post workout, the RehabRoller is used as a muscle recovery tool and it is ideally suited for after exercise and heavy activity. According to a recent PubMed Study, "foam rolling, as a recovery tool, substantially reduces muscle soreness caused by activity." and additional PubMed Study went on to prove that "foam rolling substantially increases range of motion without a decrease of muscle activation or force." It is a great tool for decreasing immediate muscle soreness, as well as delayed onset muscle soreness, the type of soreness that lasts for days after your workout. For example, I felt pretty sore and stiff after painting my basement one day. I got on the rehabroller after my shower and I felt like new. References:
What areas of my body can I use the Rehab Roller?
The Rehab Roller's Patented Design targets all areas of your body. In fact, there are videos posted for most areas of the body on the RehabRoller IG page. One of the key design features is the slanted edge of the foam roller. Not only does this slanted part act as a ramp for you to stretch your wrists, ankles, hands and feet, but it also acts as a therapists hand so you can do what your therapist does, at home, in between treatments. If you are receiving professional care from a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist and they are performing some myofascial release / massage techniques on areas that are tough to foam roll like the neck, inner hips, groin, or chest, you can use the pointed edge of the foam roller to mimic where your therapist is pushing with their fingers. This way, you can get an extra dose of treatment when you're not at the chiropractor, physiotherapist, or massage appointment. We also have interactive videos to target the problem area that troubles you so you can watch a full demonstration of how to work on that specific area or muscle.
Is the Rehab Roller meant for exercise or medical purposes?
The Rehab Roller is meant for and sought after by the fitness industry, the medical industry, and the entire rehabilitation field. It is used by various health professionals include, physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, yoga and pilates instructors, and more. It can be used as part of a treatment plan for rehabilitation, or it can be used for wellness care. It can also be used for fitness exercises. It is simply the most versatile fitness product on the market today.
Can I use the Rehab Roller if I do not have good core strength, or strength in general?
Yes, you can use this tool if you do or don't have core strength. Using the Rehab Roller is a great way to build core strength, but you can use it by laying down on the floor and letting gravity do the work. Or you can use a wall, or use a chair, or even have someone else use it on you and apply the massage using their pressure. Standing on the slanted part of the Rehab Roller will begin to stretch your calves, which may unlock some of your posterior chain strength, so starting with that and then progressing as you improve is a great idea! The patented design also includes a spinal canal indent that helps take pressure off your spine and lower back for a more comfortable rolling experience.
Is this a high quality product? Will I have to replace it often?
This foam roller is one of the strongest pieces of fitness equipment you will ever own, but the answer is that it depends on how much you use it. We fully expect it to be usable for many years, but eventually you might have to replace it. We have manufactured this product with the highest quality EVA foam, you will feel the quality when you touch it. It is cured with a heat treatment that makes it quite impenetrable, ensuring that it will not waste away or erode very quickly. It is also made of anti-bacterial material so that when you use it after a workout, you don't have to worry about it becoming moldy or smelly. It also has a solid foam core to keep the integrity of its shape. With that being said, you may choose to replace it or get a new one if: 1) Your friends steal it from you because it's so awesome and they want their own 2) Your kids steal it from you because it's so awesome and they want their own 3) You want another one for the office or cottage 4) You want to give one away as a Christmas gift