In everything we do, we believe in providing value and empowering people to improve their own lives through movement, health and fitness. The way we provide value and empower people to be the best version of themselves is through sharing knowledge about health, fitness, and physical self-care. We just happen to make a product that helps us do that
— Stefan Arezina, Registered Physiotherapist



If you’re the kind of person who likes to have total control over your physical health and fitness, and likes keep their body moving so that you can work, play, and recover better without dependance on pain killers and time consuming services, then we have the product for you.


The Rehab Roller is a uniquely designed self-massage tool that provides the capabilities of SIX PRODUCTS IN ONE; a myofascial releaser that emulates a therapists hand or elbow, a peanut roller, and a foam roller for trigger point release and deep tissue massage; as well as a slant board, fasciitis fighter, and wrist stretcher for stretching and remedial exercise, all in one.


Designed by a Registered Physiotherapist who wanted to reach more people by providing a useful rehab tool that would save them time and money, the Rehab Roller can be your 24/7 at home physiotherapist that helps you make and keep your body fresh. The Rehab Roller provides 10x the value of a conventional foam roller, for a fraction of the price.


The Rehab Roller is designed to be used in therapy & rehabilitation clinics. It was initially designed to help people recover from physical ailments while reducing the space multiple rehab products take up.

The Rehab Roller can simulate a massage from a calloused professional hand, and provides benefits for muscular health that no single product on the market can match.

There are many fitness and wellness products on the market but none of them combine 6 products in one like The Rehab Roller.


This product is so easy to use, you can use it by just standing on it… even while brushing your teeth. This will be a lifesaver for busy people with plantar fasciitis who are rushing to fit in their rehab exercises into a busy morning routine.

It’s so easy to use, you can use it while watching TV. Just pop your fingers in the wrist and hand stretcher portion of the Rehab Roller and stretch your forearms, fingers, and hands while watching TV. That will help naturally restore the function of your wrist or elbow, and melt away pain from conditions like tennis elbow or golfers elbow. Can your foam roller do that? No, just no.


Lets face it, you brush your teeth so you can have a nice smile and eat food without pain. Are your teeth more important than rest of your body? What if there was something you could do for your body to get that fresh feeling that your teeth get after brushing your teeth? Well, there is something you can do. Through RehabRolling we are doing the equivalent of brushing your teeth by maintaining good movement to freshen up your nervous system so that you can have nice posture and move without pain.


As humans, we were designed to move as much as we were designed to eat. Unfortunately, most of us eat more than we move in todays modern society. Take back control of your body, Take back control of your life. Add in some more movement by Rehab Rolling. The Rehab Roller is a tool that can act as an efficient way to add more movement into your daily life, all from the comfort of your own home.


Why do you think top athletes stretch, strength train, warm up, and use foam rollers and massage tools? They are not just doing this to get out of pain. They use these tools to STAY out of pain and PREVENT injuries. The athletes also use it to enhance performance during their sport, and enhance recovery after. Rehab Rolling increases the bodies awareness and hand-eye co-ordination through the nervous systems. Athletes know this. For them it is about optimizing function and the potential to create health (not just waiting for pain or sickness before getting rid of it).


If your doctor recommends movement for your organ health, your chiropractor recommends mobilization of your spinal health, your physiotherapist recommends exercise for your joint health, your massage therapist recommends massage of your muscular health, and the RehabRoller provides a useful tool to accomplish all of the above, then it might just be time to get one. The RehabRoller, the toothbrush of the body.