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What is the difference between Range of Motion and Flexibility?

How does Rehab Roller help Range of motion and flexibility?

How does Rehab Roller help with pain?

Should I roll before or after exercise?

What areas of my body can I use the Rehab Roller.

Are there video demonstrations of how to use the Rehab Roller

Is the Rehab Roller meant for exercise or medical purposes?

I’ve tried foam rolling and was uncomfortable, is the Rehab Roller right for me?

Can I use the Rehab Roller if I do not have good core strength, or strength in general?

Is this a high quality product? Will I have to replace it often?

How do I take care of my Rehab Roller?

How big is the Rehab Roller?

Can you explain the price point of the Rehab Roller?

Are there different colors and are there any differences between colors?

Where did foam rolling originate from?

Why should I use a Rehab Roller?

What are the curves and indents in the foam roller for?

Is there any advice for how hard to foam roll?