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Flexibility refers to the ability of a muscle and other soft tissues to lengthen.

Range of Motion refers to the degree of movement occurring at a specific joint or collection of joints. You need a combination of flexibility (the ability to move) and stability (the ability to resist movement) to have good range of motion that you can control. The Rehab Roller helps most with the flexibility component.

Using the Rehab Roller increases range of motion by toning down neurological activity upholding tightness in a muscle, or group of muscles, causing a pain relieving effect that allows the body to use a muscle properly. The Rehab Roller increases flexibility by releasing deep knots in the muscle tissues. It also helps to warm tissues up, making them more extensible. Together, this myofascial self massage therapy allows the body to move freely, which in turn, allows you to do the things you want to do with greater easy and less risk of injury.

Pain is an undesirable sensory and perceptive experience from the brain. Your brain takes the sensory inputs that are delivered to it, consciously and subconsciously, and then it applies your life experiences for context to determine what the output will be. You can change the pain by changing and influencing the input by doing self-massage work, which is a sensory input, and also how the brain interprets this input by seeing how it makes you move better and feel better, which is the output. By using a Rehab Roller you can feel better and move better, as well as possibly change the way you interpret pain by conditioning yourself to tolerate short term aches way more!

That depends on your goals! You can use it before exercise to help warm up and increase your mobility, and after exercise to reduce soreness and increase blood flow to the muscles that were just exercised.

If you are using the Rehab Roller as a warm-up tool: Shorter duration and quick moving rolling is best. You should focus on rolling for around 20-30 seconds of foam rolling per muscle group, but certainly less than 120-seconds per muscle group. This will simply get the blood flowing to the muscles that are about to be used, which has tremendous benefit to using the muscles without them cramping up.

Post workout, the Rehab Roller is used as a muscle recovery tool and it is ideally suited for after exercise and heavy activity. According to a recent PubMed Study, “foam rolling, as a recovery tool, substantially reduces muscle soreness caused by activity.” and additional PubMed Study went on to prove that “foam rolling substantially increases range of motion without a decrease of muscle activation or force.” It is a great tool for decreasing immediate muscle soreness, as well as delayed onset muscle soreness, the type of soreness that lasts for days after your workout. For example, I felt pretty sore and stiff after painting my basement one day. I got on the Rehab Roller after my shower and I felt like new. References:


The Rehab Rollers Patented Design targets all areas of your body. In fact, there are videos posted for most areas of the body on the RehabRoller IG page. One of the key design features is the slanted edge of the foam roller. Not only does this slanted part act as a ramp for you to stretch your wrists, ankles, hands and feet, but it also acts as a therapists hand so you can do what your therapist does, at home, in between treatments. If you are receiving professional care from a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist and they are performing some myofascial release / massage techniques on areas that are tough to foam roll like the neck, inner hips, groin, or chest, you can use the pointed edge of the foam roller to mimic where your therapist is pushing with their fingers. This way, you can get an extra dose of treatment when you’re not at the chiropractor, physiotherapist, or massage appointment. We will also have interactive videos to select the problem area that troubles you and watch a full demonstration of how to work on that area


You can visit the How-To-Videos page or follow our social media accounts for tips on how to make the most out of your Rehab Roller:

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The Rehab Roller is meant for and sought after by the fitness industry, the medical industry, and the entire rehabilitation field. It is used by various health professionals include, physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, yoga and pilates instructors, and more. It can be used as part of a treatment plan for rehabilitation, or it can be used for wellness care. It can also be used for fitness exercises. It is simply the most versatile fitness product on the market today.

The Rehab Roller may be just what you’ve been looking for. It is the most versatile fitness product on the market so it can be used as much more than a foam roller, making it right for you, and it has some design features that allow you to customize the amount of pressure you use. For example, if foam rolling your back or legs on the floor is too difficult, you can do it against the wall and take gravity out of the equation. This way you will be able to build your tolerance to pressure and pain, making it easier and more enjoyable as your muscles become less painful and more resilient.

The Rehab Roller is made with a high quality durable EVA foam material that is medium density, so it should be hard enough to penetrate tight muscles, but soft enough to allow the user to still be comfortable. The curve in the roller allows you to get around bony landmarks with the upmost comfort.  Also, unlike ordinary foam rollers that usually just have a flat surface, or even worse for you, spikes and serrated edges that emphasize pressure points, the rehab roller has the best of both worlds. It has a larger foam surface with small curves for added contour and a massage like experience, and a pointed tip so that you can get in deep for larger muscles. This way, if you prefer lighter pressures you can use the larger foam surface, and if you prefer harder pressures you can use the pointed part.

Yes, you can use this tool if you do or don’t have core strength. Using the Rehab Roller is a great way to build core strength, but you can use it by laying down on the floor and letting gravity do the work. Or you can use a wall, or use a chair, or even have someone else use it on you and apply the massage using their pressure. Standing on the slanted part of the Rehab Roller will begin to stretch your calves, which may unlock some of your posterior chain strength, so starting with that and then progressing as you improve is a great idea!

This foam roller is one of the strongest pieces of fitness equipment you will ever own, but the answer is that it depends on how much you use it. We fully expect it to be usable for many years, but eventually you might have to replace it.

We have manufactured this product with the highest quality EVA foam, you will feel the quality when you touch it. It is cured with a heat treatment that makes it quite impenetrable, ensuring that it will not waste away or erode very quickly. It is also made of anti-bacterial material so that when you use it after a workout, you don’t have to worry about it becoming moldy or smelly. It also has a solid foam core to keep the integrity of its shape. 

With that being said, you may choose to replace it or get a new one if:

  • Your friends steal it from you because it’s so awesome and they want their own
  • Your kids steal it from you because it’s so awesome and they want their own
  • You want another one for the office or cottage
  • You want to give one away as a Christmas gift

  • There's no need to break it in, you can just use it as soon as you get it.
  • If you use your Rehab Roller with oils or body lotions, be sure to wash or wipe down your roller after each use. Do not put Rehab Roller rollers in dishwashers, wash machines, or dryers.
  • After each use, you may choose to wipe down your Rehab Roller with a cloth or an anti-bacterial wipe.
  • Do not use harsh chemical cleaners. Although unlikely, this may cause damage to the foam.
  • Be sure to store your Rehab Roller in a safe area. If it is smashed during storage time, the foam will retain memory and damage your roller. Such damage is not covered by Rehab Rollers warranty.
  • Our warranty does not cover damage caused by improper storage or from pets and rodents.

The Rehab Roller is a foam roller and multipurpose home therapy system, all in an 18 inch length and 6 inch diameter. 

It contains about 10 inches of space for pure foam rolling, which is more than most people will need. It also has about 8 inches of space on the ramp to accommodate large feet and hands for calf and wrist stretching.  The finger holes on the roller are designed to fit 95-97% of people’s fingers, as they are designed to suit average sizes using Da Vinci measurement proportions. If your fingers are slightly larger, you will stretch the foam as you put your fingers in, and if your fingers are slightly smaller, you will be able to put them in deeper and leverage them against the walls of the hole, so one size will fit most. 

Some foam rollers are used sideways to massage the paraspinals, but with the grooves and contours of the Rehab Roller’s paraspinal divet, there is no need to place the RehabRoller longitudinally, but you can do that as well, if you’d like.

Is it worth it? It’s more than worth it! It’s a bargain. It’s a good deal, it's affordable, and it’s reasonable. The Rehab Roller contains the functional elements of 6 products in one, making it affordable to have all of the fitness and rehab tools you need to take care of your body. This is one of the reasons we created it. We want patients to have a tool they can use for any exercise their therapist prescribes, take their therapist’s hand and techniques home with them, and spare the clutter of buying 10 products individually. Let us give you a story about a patient that inspired the idea for the Rehab Roller.

I was working with a patient and over the course of one year, on and off for different conditions, I realized that year she had every fitness product in our clinic, as well as a few others. So I looked in the physiotherapy magazines and brochures I got from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association to see how much money she had dished out for fitness products. She had purchased a calf stretcher, a peanut roller/acu ball back roller, and foam roller. 

The plastic slant board that she purchased was $80.99 (these typically will range anywhere from $60-$120 retail).

The EVA foam roller she purchased was $59.99 (there is a lot of variety when it comes to foam rollers, but these also range from $19-$190).

The Peanut roller, she purchased from our clinic for $19.99 (These range from $15-$59).

Now, I’m no math major, I’m just a physiotherapist, but when you add that all up, she paid around $160.97 before tax and shipping, for 3 products. They were good, useful products, but they are all included in our foam roller. Our RehabRoller actually has 6 products in one. All of these products are incorporated in it, as well as a wrist/finger/hand stretcher (which doesn’t even exist on the market, to my knowledge, but lets say another $20-$30 value at least) and a pointed tip that can be used as a pso-rite, or active releaser that will mimic your therapists hand (~$99 value). This patient was also going to a chiropractor 2x/week for 4 weeks when her shoulder was hurting to get 5 minutes of active release on her shoulder. She could’ve just learned the technique used the RehabRoller at home and save (~$400). Now, the chiropractor probably was helpful with education and answer questions at the same time, but depending on the situation you can make a case for using the RehabRoller instead.

The Rehab Roller includes at least approximately $260.97 of value, all for $99.97. So, in conclusion; I think it’s a good deal, I think it’s affordable, and reasonable. Additionally, when you get one you become part of the Rehab Roller team on a quest to have a better functioning pain free and more functional, comfortable body. You get the added value of having videos, Instagram stories/posts/ info pages, reminders and instructions of how to use the roller, and more. So Instead of buying a single set of various fitness products that you’ll probably never use, or lose in the corners of your house for $260, buy two Rehab Rollers and give them as gifts to your friends and family, they’ll thank you, and you’ll have spent the less money. 

There are no differences between the different colors. We just wanted there to be options so you can choose a Rehab Roller that matches your personality :)

Foam rolling is a relatively new treatment. It originated in the late 1980’s, when foam rollers were used for body supports and standing balance work. Broadway dancers were among the first to explore the benefits of foam rolling as a tool for self massage. Foam rolling became more widely used in fascia therapy by 2009, where a foam roller is the key tool used.

By 2009, foam rollers were not only found in the clinic setting, but also grew popular in the home as several major retailers began carrying such products.

If you were married to a chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, or any other manual therapist that could provide relaxing treatment to your problem areas, you would probably use their services as often as possible. Without a doubt. That’s like asking if you would like to receive a pay bonus every day.

The Rehab Roller is your own personal manual therapy spouse. If I could marry mine, I would think about it. Not even my massage therapist girlfriend was willing to help me release the tension in my back from working every day. The Rehab Roller is always there for you. Whether your muscles need some stimulus to decrease soreness and increase range of motion and flexibility at 4pm, or need some help to deliver oxygen, hydration, and nutrients to your muscles at 4am, the Rehab Roller is there when you need it.  

The curves are designed to create a more comfortable and versatile self massage/foam rolling experience. Ordinary foam rollers don’t usually have anything that will protect your spine and peripheral nerves in the sensitive areas of your body, but the Rehab Roller will allow you to comfortably roll your muscles without pinching the sensitive structures of the body, by taking advantage of the rollers curves. 

For example, with the main curve in the foam roller you can foam roll the muscles around your spine called the paraspinals. These muscles commonly get tight and achy and could use some TLC. The curve is designed to work like a double lacrosse ball, or peanut roller, which is a fitness product that is used mostly for massaging and rolling the spinal muscles. People commonly foam roll their neck, upper back, or low back, but with the spine in the way this can sometimes be uncomfortable. The curves in the roller allow you to comfortably get around the spine and gently inhibit, nourish, and release the muscle tension in your paraspinals. Additionally, you can use the curves to avoid other bony structures like those in the forearms and shins, the shoulder blade, and hips. By avoiding these prominent bony landmarks, you can get into your muscles a little deeper and target muscle knots that cause trouble. 

A piece of advice to follow is to monitor your pain levels. Muscle knots can hurt when they are compressed because they are very close to nerves that may be over stimulated from tightness, or sensitive due to lack of oxygen and nourishment. You may be hesistant to roll on these areas for fear of doing yourself harm or making your pain worse, but if you go easy and be patient the pain will dissappate over time. If you find a really tender area, keep some pressure on it, relax, and breathe, and the pain should go from 7/10 to a 4/10 over 30-60 seconds. If not, come back to it another time, just don’t overdo it.

If you take too much advil, you run the risk of health complications, if you take just enough, then you may achieve the benefit of taking the advil. Similarily, the Rehab Roller can be used in moderation to open up blood vessels supplying a muscle knot, or disrupt the neurological feedback loop that maintains the muscle knots. If you press too hard you may actually be decreasing the blood flow, or you may be increasing the nervous system response to the muscle knot. So we suggest staying underneath 5-6/10 pain, where 0 is no pain and 10 is the worst pain imaginable.

The good thing about foam rolling is that you usually can’t go too far with this, because the self-administered pain is self-limiting so that you can’t actually hurt yourself long term; making it safe. It may HURT, but the odds that you caused any HARM is low. Kind of like pinching the back of your arms. It really hurts, but there’s no damage. Your body is an incredible biomechanical machine and it generally has defense mechanisms that wont let you inflict more pain than you can handle.  What you want to do is hunt for the “hurts so good” feeling, where the pain also comes with a relieving pleasure. 3-6/10 is also a good pain scale range that you should follow, not going above a 7 but also not going below a 2. This way you can ensure that you’re comfortable, and not going to be aggravating the situation. Additionally, it helps you adapt your pressure as your tolerance increases. Also, don’t be afraid to come back to the painful areas another day. Over time, things will get easier and easier as they become fitter and healthier, so you may just have to be patient. Follow our instagram for more do’s and don’ts! @RehabRoller

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